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the 2nd biggest state in the USA in the south. alot of things in TX are bigger. or at least ppl say they are. this state has long droughts. aka the lone star state due to the one star on its state flag. the ONLY state to have 6 flags flown over it. thats why they made a whole amusement park called 6 Flags Over Texas.
'bigger in Tx, better in a dodge!'

see? even dodge admits that things in TX are bigger!
by freckleschic09 June 25, 2005
a huge neighborghood in dallas that's so rad it just is. ppl who live in the OC are tuff and rock so much they just cant help it cause thats what its all about. there are different parts of OC like North OC, and South OC, that are almost like they're 2 completely different neighborhoods, but they're not. there's an awesome song about it and alot of ppl sing about OC and dont even know what it IS!!
oak cliff that's my hood!
by freckleschic09 June 25, 2005
an awesome band from dallas!!!! with a supa hot dude named joel!
its so awesome! it is! and its from dallas too, which makes it even more awesome!
by freckleschic09 February 22, 2005

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