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OMFG means "Oh My Fugking God!"
OYFG is an opposition, and a way of expressing the same shock, but while showing that the person that said it isn't a christian. There are other variations aswell such as OYFS as in Oh My Fucking Satan for satanists.
OYFG! Shut the fuck up about Jesus!
by MANAX July 02, 2007
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An abbreviation for "Oh Your Fucking God." It is used when someone tells about something that would usually make one psyched, but the speaker does not seem psyched at all.

Similar to OMFG, but in reverse.
Person 1: Yeah, so I got Rolling Stones tickets for this weekend. (sigh)...

Person 2: Dude.

Person 1: What?

Person 2: OYFG!
by nivrehs February 21, 2009
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Oh you fucking gay. Its a reply to OMFG.
Lou: OMFG!!!
Mario: OYFG!

by Phat Bob April 13, 2006
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