ots- on the sly to be devious
"tap on shoulder" person not realizing or lobbing bread at mderbos ots
by mderbos August 10, 2009
Over The Shoulder restraints - found on rollercoasters. Usually responsible for giving riders headaches as their heads slam repeatedly into the OTS.
Flight of Fear at King's Island used to be such a headbanger, but then they reprofiled the trains and removed the OTS - now it rocks!
by Sarabellum1976 September 04, 2003
Off The Snuggies. Kinda like Off The Hook, but instead of Hook, it's Snuggies.
Wow, my buzz was OTS last night after I crushed those 3 martinis, 7 o-bomb shots, 2 e-bombs, and some yellow birds.
by wizrdry June 05, 2009
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