On the scene.
When someone is iyff and pwnting you, they are ots.
by Jesuswtf January 31, 2004
Orangutang Tree Sex
"Aye monkey bitch, wanna go have OTS?"

"For sure"
by OTS Lover April 26, 2012
ots- on the sly to be devious
"tap on shoulder" person not realizing or lobbing bread at mderbos ots
by mderbos August 10, 2009
Off The Snuggies. Kinda like Off The Hook, but instead of Hook, it's Snuggies.
Wow, my buzz was OTS last night after I crushed those 3 martinis, 7 o-bomb shots, 2 e-bombs, and some yellow birds.
by wizrdry June 05, 2009
Off The Scale.
Oh my god! Its power levels is OTS!!!
by Bone June 06, 2004
On that shit
Boy: hey girl what's up.
Girl: don't talk to me your OTS
by Mixed_rican3 March 16, 2015

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