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Over The Pants Hand Job To Completion.


OTPHJNTC (Over The Pants Hand Job Not To Completion).

It is very common for people to respond to this acronym with other acronyms that are far less "official". The fun part is trying to figure out what each acronym means or simply the fact that no one knows what the hell you are talking about.

Two examples of a similar less "official" acronyms would be FCDHTC (Fully Clothed Dry Hump To Completion) and PCSDHTC (Partially Clothed Stripper Dry Hump To Completion).
This discussion should occur amongst a group of people...

Question: "Did you at least get an OTPHJTC on your date last night?"

Answer: "No, it was an OTPHJNTC... but I gave her an OTPCRTC."

Response: "Well let's go out tonight and try and get you a PCSDHTC then"
by How ItIs February 03, 2010
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