Top Definition
1. Abbreviation for 'off the muther-fucking chain"
2. Extreme enthusiasm for something
3. Mad cool
4. Out of control
5. Wild fun
1. That party was OTMFC. I had a blast!
2. Did you see that guy's hair? It was OTMFC. I've never seen anything like it.
by SF Gary January 14, 2006
A lighting company specializing in film and stage lights. Controversy was brought up when "I Love OTMFC" was seen in one of teen star Miley Cyrus's 'Breakout' Album Photoshoots. People thought it meant something inappropriate, when in actuality it was promoting her sponsor (OTMFC the lighting company)

*The crate on the right of the picture with staging equipment on top of it also had an OTMFC stamp.
OTMFC is such a great provider of staging lights.
by AngelofLight November 07, 2008

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