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Acronym for "One True Fucking Pairing." Synonymous with OTP, but it's more of a friends with benefits deal.
John and Dave are friends, but they're totally fucking behind the scenes. They're my OTFP.
by some_gai December 23, 2011
Meaning 3 things:
Only the fattest punani (used in hawaii because punani means vag)
Only the fattest pussy
Only the finest people
Used when describing your clique of boys as manly or liking fat bitches
Ex 1

Boy 1: did you see @wisewallen's post on instagram?

Boy 2: yeah, he tagged #OTFP I didnt know that he liked them large

Ex 2

Boy: Dude I heard that you tagged OTFP in our picture together. I guess that means were boys now, right?
by KingWall June 06, 2014