It means "on the floor lauging." Used in AIM Chat and various other kinds of things.
I am "otfl"
I was "otfl"
I'm just "otfl"
by Mark W. September 15, 2004
Top Definition
One of the ways in which one may choose to roll.

A cleverisation of the term ROTFL, which means "rolling on the floor laughing" and the phrase "that's how I roll."
Eve: "What the hell is OTFL?"

Adam: "On the floor, laughing."

Eve: "...?"

Adam: "It's how I roll."
by Chaz Walker May 03, 2010
mean the same thing as an OTB off the boat-fresh off russian immigrant except OTFL is more russianized it means "off the fucking lodachka" lodachka being a russian word for a boat
that kid is so OTFL that el greco is his house
by Amadetys July 10, 2008
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