Obsessive Tumblr Disorder

When one is addicted to tumblr. Meaning that one stays online for a total of all day. Normally we can tell the time by how dark it is outside. That is if we even open our curtains at all during the day. The only movement required is to go to the toliet or fridge. Where nutella and your favourite boxset becomes your bestfriend. Symptoms include, eyestrain, insomnia, addopting the fangirl language and loss of social life and any human being interaction whatsoever.

Normal person: Da fuq bro?
by merylstreepiswin May 06, 2012
Top Definition
Usually refers to "Out-the-door". When you buy a two dollar 40oz beer, it's an OTD.

Also refers to when you bang a chick that's so ugly, you have to brown bag her head.
"Goto the store and grab me an OTD."

"Damn, I can't believe you banged that OTD last night."
by SharkeySmalls August 29, 2007
adj. An acronym for "Off The Derekh." "Derekh" is the Hebrew word for "path", alluding to the path that G-d delineates in the Bible which every righteous Jew must follow. Can be used to describe a person, an object, or an idea.
"I can see that O-girl's knees. Damn, that skirt is OTD!"

"I can picture her doing something like that. That broad used to be shomeret, but now she's just OTD."

"I always thought you were observant. When did you become so OTD?"

"Dude, don't take me to these OTD parties anymore. I'm trying to do t'shuva over here!"
by The Raging Bull February 20, 2005
Obsessive Tumblr Disorder

One who uses Tumblr with all of their free time. Usually results in having no life once addicted. Describes about 99% of Hipsters.
Mandy: "d00d did you see that post I reblogged last night?!"
Joe: "Of course I did, I have OTD."
by hipstermomma October 17, 2011
Obsessive Tumblr Disorder.
"I just got diagnosed with OTD"
"What's that?"
"Obsessive Tumblr Disorder"
by zakomite July 10, 2012
When several players from the game OT forms such as BlueGhost Prog valg ffsevenguy bunnyloaflol Enter your vent server bringing their friends, and making you wipe or crash
You totally got ot'd

damnit} Totally owned vent server

3950 }

PW: noskill
by THE OT February 25, 2008
"out the door". usually used when purchasing something (i.e. transportation). after all fees (tax, title and license) are paid for. the final amount.
The motorcycle would be $8000 O.T.D.
by disnigkais4rlz November 27, 2006
Obsessive texting disorder

One who texts his or her friends non-stop. every day. Usually has unlimited, this generally describes 90% of middle school girls
my little sister has OTD. all she ever does is text her friends
by i dont text that much March 08, 2009
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