Online Social Network

See, Perils and Possibilities of Online Social Networks

"Moreover, if it was posted publicly on an OSN site or blog..."
Facebook is an OSN
by anona. December 05, 2011

Started By The Basketball and Track team of UC
Kid1: Osn Did u see rayray he just ran a 16.1 in 110 hurdles.

Kid2: Osn He fast as fuck for his first year
by Mmmmmmmmm18 June 03, 2009
A tv provider in the UAE that only shows episodes which are old Although they do show good shows
by Ak99 July 17, 2011
meaning ohh shit nigga. its the ghetto virson of omg (oh my gosh)
osn, did ya see dat bitch?!
by !tinasaur! July 13, 2009
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