an abbreviation for awesome
(when typing):
that was so fucking osm!!
by Garola April 17, 2009
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Entry: PRONOUCNED ->Awesome
Synonoms: Very Awesome, Pretty Awesome, Ridiculously Awesome, Sean "Guy" Capri, Disgustingly Awesome etc.
Antonyms: Umm... Not Sean "Guy" Capri
Come on look alive, Hutch...HUTCH!!!
1) That was Osm!
2) " Sean you are OSM"
3) Isn't Sean Osm??? He's seriously hot right now
by hutch August 05, 2004
meaning the same as awesome
That is one osm bike.
by hyrulexx April 19, 2006
An acronym for "OH SHIT MOMENT"..
You've just realized its your wedding anniversary,.. and you're sitting at the dinner table across your spouse.
You've just polished off a salad,.. and you realize your gold filling is gone.
You're gf/bf wanted you to download music for thier ipod,.. and you've accidently erased everything.. OSM!
by mshu July 06, 2013
osm = Oh Shit Moments
osm, i put my foot in it
by BeckyL October 20, 2010
Meaning "Oh shit! Moment"

Can also be spelled OS!M

From the Sookie Stackhouse books
Guy 1: Isn't that Amy chick smoking hot
Guy 2: Yeah but I hear she has a huge bush...I'd still fuck her.
*Amy is watching the whole exchange behind guy 2's back*
Guy 1: Ouch...what an OSM
by Wait................Shit September 01, 2009
Oh Shit Moment
1. The point of realization that you forgot to do something important.
2. The point in time of a discovery that you forgot a step in assembly or development process when you realize you forgot an earlier step.
3. A moment of surprise occurring when some new information is discovered that provides a negative or detrimental result in an otherwise wonderful event.
Ricky had still another OSM when he discovered the hole in the condom he used last night.
by MarkHanley August 12, 2004

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