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A condition characterized by obsessive refreshing of an Online Package Tracking page for an item ordered but not yet delivered.

Not to be confused with OPD.
Damn, I've got a nasty case of OPT today.
by runitai February 27, 2012
37 33
Oriental People Time; fast as fuck.
We'll meet you over there OPT.
by D. Dominguez January 21, 2006
93 45
Verb - Stands for oriental people's time, meaning to move or get somewhere unusually fast.
"When are you comin' over?"

"I'll be there O.P.T, you know, oriental peoples time, fast as fuck."
by Pickett January 18, 2006
50 21
Operation tongue. To make out.
"Dude, I just got some sweet op-t with this chick, no joke."
by Alex Soundry May 31, 2006
23 16
Over Patience Threshold ... Meaning u just can't take no more!
You've had about enough as you can handle of something or someone..
That's it i'm OPT and out!
by V8.2 February 09, 2011
27 26
A normal and frequent sound made by the mouth in an akward situation.
adult 1:Do you want to have a duel with Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
adult 2: opt..i dain't want to, naerday.
by immabeastlikeaerday January 12, 2010
20 30