opp stands for a county or area in alabama
where are you from in alabama? i'm from opp
by missjennifer August 03, 2006
The mathmatical term for oposite.
math teacher:-4 is the opp of 4 now get back to work the L.A. teacher was giving me a blowjob.
by WAITWHAT? April 28, 2005
Acronym standing for oh please, piece of shit. (While in chat)
Man: I'm sorry for fucking your sister.
Woman: opps
Man: ?
by Joe Coastie June 02, 2010
Ontario Provincial Police - the best and strictest cops in all of the land according to 9/10 people
Man> I just got nailed by the OPP
Other man> how fast were you going?
Man> 5km over on the 400 :(
Other man> geez... but there you go :D
by Mr. Mofo September 25, 2005
other people's plastic.
a pun on OPM, or other people's money.
by hytham_hammer July 08, 2005
Shortened way of saying opportunity.
This is your bigest business opps.
by PartyGirl December 31, 2004
Other People's Photography... To be down with O.P.P., one must be broke and lack ownership of a camera therefore relying on other people's photographs to upload current pictures on Myspace or Facebook...
"I'm waiting for you to email me the pictures from my birthday party, sheesh you know i'm down with O.P.P."
by Papsmear Pappy March 19, 2009

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