"Other people's pussy" As in the pussy of others, belonging permanently or temporarily.

Permanently: the female's
Temporarily: The male's; as in the male's girlfriend
Jim: Imma score me some OPP tonite.
Jerry: Aw fr?
Jim: Yep--Mmmm I love me that OPP, yo!
Jerry: Aw fr?
Jim: I think I'll go after James'! That silly has a fine ass! Damn I love OPP!
Jerry: Aw fr?
by September666 August 22, 2005
1. One who is often reffered to as a "snitch" or "taddle tale".
Person one: Hey, Dalia told the police your the one who robbed the bank down the street.
Person two: MAN.!!! That opp is going to me back in a cell.
by That one guy everybody knows December 15, 2013
Ontario Provence Police
the OPP-Ontario Provence Police
by majken September 20, 2015
A Pussy, A peon, A bitch, A Stupid Bitch, A Dumb Hoe

Basically Everything In the book
Bitch you a opp for snitching
by Trvp.kira July 27, 2015
One who appears to be something they are not; a fake person
Gabbie's an opp. She was being fake around the dude she lowkey hates.
by mycalljecksun January 07, 2016
a city in lower Alabama. Located in Covington county, Opp was founded in 1901 and is named after Henry Opp. Henry Opp was a lawyer who successfully won a case allowing L & N Railroad to build a turnaround point in what is now Opp. Opp, AL has a population of around 7000. It is home to the Rattlesnake Rodeo, an annual event that draws some 30,000+ around the first weekend in April.
I was born in Opp, Alabama.
by cleehbo February 02, 2010
Many popular definitions of OPP include:
Other People's Property
Other People's Privates
Other People's Penis
Other People's Pussy

but in a VH1 presentation of the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs, Treach of Naughty by Nature states
"OPP can stand for anything, the first O is Other and the second P is People's but the last P can stand for anything."
Other People's P_______
"You down with OPP?"
"Ya you know me!"
by Hip Hop Lover October 18, 2008

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