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Old people land; the shops that scream "OLD PEOPLE" !!!!!!

A subtle way to get your mum to turn around and walk out of the store.
I walked into Peacocks with my mum and walked back out thinkin "OPL"...
#old #people #old people #shop #mum
by xxBassic SpAcE April 08, 2011
Old People Lane. Whatever lane of the road the old people are in, who are driving 20 mph slower than everyone else.
Crap man, I got stuck in the OPL!!
#old #people #street #lane #highway #slow
by End_User-X February 06, 2009
Otherwise known as "Other Peoples Lunch" is a common phrase spoken within a design dojo used more specifically by gay Korean males. Also synonymous with a daily ritual of scouring the food kitchen in search of left overs which in turn saves the individual the hassle of purchasing meals outside of work thus saving countless dollars over the course of a year.
Guy's there's OPL in the kitchen! or I'm gonna wrap my OPL up and sell it to other people in the office.
#lunch #dojo #work #korean #gay #design
by thedode August 04, 2008
slang for the central branch of the Oxnard Public Library system located on A street where inhabitants of Oxnard can check out books, magazines, videos, books on tape, dvds, comic books, manga, and get passports.
Sue: I need to go to OPL to return a book .
#oxnard #library #books #videos #cds
by Chibiru January 09, 2008
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