This word is an exclamation, used to convey the sense of having forgotten something and then suddently remembered.
"Ope! I need to tell you.."

(brief silence) "Ope! I forgot!"
by Wallaby April 18, 2005
local kine way of saying you're paying attention to the person you talking to you
friend: brah you saw dat girl's thighs? daaaaaaaaamn
you: ope, RAJAH dat fucka, she bring faiya

teacher; are you paying attention?
you: ope, i stay listening miss
by ruff_ridah347 September 10, 2010
A gimp; a wearer of rubber outfits. Origin unknown
"And hence forth Judas was cast from the group of disciples, and aloft the heavens did open and there came the voice of our Lord, and he did proclaim "Thou art but an Ope!". John Ch 7 Verse 14
by Tim Rawnsley May 11, 2004
An odd or ugly look directed at another person.
As a verb: "Don't you ope at me man, it's your fault you failed the test."

As a noun: "You had best wipe that ope off yo face before I bust yo kneecaps motherfucker!"
by Jt September 02, 2005
Anal sex
He oped her
by Amsterdam October 21, 2003

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