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Abb. for Orange is the New Black.

Because its shorter and easier.
Let's watch a ONB.
by Checmix78 September 03, 2013
Outward Nose Breath.

This expression conveys humor in the same manner as LOL, but attempts to provide a more realistic representation of enjoyment considering that LOL is mis-used when one doesn't literally laugh out loud.
Nice meme you sent me Bob; it made me ONB.
by MDags August 04, 2015
(n.) Other Niggas Bitches

A Bitch whom is in a committed relationship with another Nigga yet not exclusively. Often referred to as any bitch in a relationship ever if you have pimp juice.
Tom doesn't like to buy bitches things or hear about their stupid problems so he only rolls with ONB's. Tom is a real Mac.
by Association of Players & Pimps September 04, 2011
simply means "one night blow" =]
see that guy over there, he was an onb.
by sexyjbl June 08, 2009

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