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What atheists use to start most of their exclamatory sentences.

Abbreviation for 'Oh My Non-existent God!'
Example 1:
Theist: You can't disprove the existent of God.
Atheist: OMNG, I don't think I can explain the concept of burden of proof to you one more time!

Example 2:
Theist: Jesus loves you, you know.
Atheist: OMNG, would you please step off my lawn!
by Malleus Dei December 20, 2010
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oh my nonexistant god.
gaytard:: omg! i won american idol!!
me: shut the fuck up, dude. it's omng.
(you aint a believer.)
by lester love July 10, 2008
OMNG: New and for now rarely used gamers/chatters exclamation. Maybe invented ( or just widely used ) by two guys running a site, they're called Omega and Jared.

Oh my Nuclear God

Variant ( as we read in some forums ): Oh my nasty girl


OMNG! I mean oh my naked god man!

Jar3D and 0m3gA invented that stupid OMNG !
by mstrDmN September 28, 2006
Internet lingo for "Oh My Nigger God"
Harold: Yo I gots me some new kicks. Aqua 8's. Freshh son!
Marty: OMNG those are sick!
by kittentits February 25, 2008

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