Like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) but characterized by an inability to stop saying “Oh My God” all the time.
1. I told Ashley I was going to get a glass of water and she actually said “Oh My God.”

2. Be kind, the poor girl suffers from OMGD
by Bigfreedog July 20, 2011
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Obessive Male Gender Disorder

Defined in Episode 1 in Season 3 of Zoey 101 on Nickelodeon.
Nicole was diagnosed with OMGD, so she isn't coming to PCA anymore.
by Fighter-X October 15, 2006
Oh my God Damn. A before and after type of exclamation used when "Oh my God" or "Goddamn" alone does not suffice.
OMGD! You guys are so hot!
by Stonefeathermusic June 21, 2010
Means Oh My God Dude/Dudette
"OMGD you are so scene"
by Tammy Mclaughlin October 23, 2007
Simply Put:

Oh My God Damn
Timmy doesn't believe in god so he refuses to use OMG, OMGD is created for timmy's
by Ronald Chi Phartsniphur May 02, 2008

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