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Basically, a combination of the two internet terms "omg", meing "Oh meh gawd!" and, well, GASP! If you need an explanation of the word GASP!, piss off that one dark guy at your school, preferably if he's goth. MAKE SURE HE IS NOT A POSER OR AN EMO, FOR THEY ARE LARKS AND ARE MADE OF PHAIL. Make fun of him so much that he either gets so angry he attempts to kills you OR he threatens you and leaves. At a good chance, you'll walk home and find that all of your family members have been killed, with their gutts and blood spread accross your dingy, small little apartment. This is truely a moment to GASP!, or even OMGASP!

(Side effects of this may include you becoming emo. If so, jump into the nearest pile of acid you can find. This may not cure it, but it sure as hell is fun to watch.)
RandomAnalSausage1297: OMGASP, U R LIEK SUCH AN ASS! -block-
by FlareTH February 01, 2007
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