Other than the definition:
Oh My Edward
(a now common alternative for OMC- oh my Carlisle)
which refers to the Twilight Books and Movies
OME can also stand for Oh My Earth
used by people who can be seriously against blaspheming or just by people who don't want to say god. bit like Oh My Goodness.
1. Oh My Edward
Girl 1: Did you see New Moon yet?
Girl 2: OME of course, Edward is sooo hot in it.

2. Oh My Earth
Guy: they want to cut all the trees down
Girl : OME! They can't!
by Smooth-Talker June 21, 2009

A backwards name for Emo. Meaning that they don't really cut themselves but they act and dress like they do.
Wow, Jeniifer is really ome.
by Punkgi September 06, 2007
People who have been called an emo who feel they are the opposite! (its emo spelt backwards)
Person 1:you're such an emo!
Person 2:NO! I'm the opposite of an emo! I'm an Ome!
by Aislingxxx April 19, 2008
The complete opposite of an Emo.
-Wears baggy white clothing (instead of skin-tight black clothing)
-Wears frameless round glasses (instead of the thick-rimmed rectangular glasses)
-Has a mullet
-Listens to happy music
-Is always smiling
-Laughs a lot instead of crying a lot
-Does not wear ANY make-up
Jay: "That guy is always walking around smiling, even though everyone makes fun of his mullet. What's up with that maaan?"
Ray: "It's because he's an Ome; the complete opposite of an Emo."
Jay: "Awrite! That's cool in my book, yo."
by Sturj December 24, 2007
The complete opposite to emo.
Listens to shitty pop. Is a 'glass is half full' kind of person and can always see the positive side of life.
That girl in your p.e class who won't stop grinning, even though; you chucked a ball at her head, she's ugly as hell, and will probably never get laid.
by ome and emo hater March 08, 2005
Me and a group of my friends came up with the word Ome at school we would always be like "Sup Omee!?" Just like saying Homie but Ome instead. The feminine version of Ome is an Omelette and all Omes and Omelettes are awesome we are a group of happy people exclusive between me and my friends and we exclude people who we think are a pain or anybody who just couldn't be described as "Ome" We laugh have a good time and live life we make good grades and we go through all the motions we sometimes like to joke about Emos and how so not Ome they are cause they are cutters. We're basically anti-emo
"Hey Omeee Whats up??"

"Omee are we going to eat at Sonic tonight?"

"Dude that guy aint Ome he's gonna slit his wrist."

"Ome I'm going to meet up with my Omelette later."
by AmericanAirFan September 20, 2007
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