Me and a group of my friends came up with the word Ome at school we would always be like "Sup Omee!?" Just like saying Homie but Ome instead. The feminine version of Ome is an Omelette and all Omes and Omelettes are awesome we are a group of happy people exclusive between me and my friends and we exclude people who we think are a pain or anybody who just couldn't be described as "Ome" We laugh have a good time and live life we make good grades and we go through all the motions we sometimes like to joke about Emos and how so not Ome they are cause they are cutters. We're basically anti-emo
"Hey Omeee Whats up??"

"Omee are we going to eat at Sonic tonight?"

"Dude that guy aint Ome he's gonna slit his wrist."

"Ome I'm going to meet up with my Omelette later."
by AmericanAirFan September 20, 2007
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Oh My Edward, an alternative for Oh My Carlisle, also known as OMC, or OMG. Edward refers to the inhumanly gorgeous Cullen vampire that is Bella's fiancée in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
Usable as well as "Oh My Emmett" (also from Twilight.)
Rosalie: Alice, look at those shoes!!
Alice: OME, They're so CUTE!!
Edward: Hang on...That's me. O.O
by Ninja Emmett March 25, 2008
The complete opposite of an "Emo" person. They are extemely optimistic and happy. Instead of killing themselves they enjoy killing others. They are popular for their conservative looks and will do anything to conform. They listen to emotionless music un-emotionally and enjoy playing up-to date video-game consoles. Other hobbies include having fun, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, having a sun shiny day!
Emo: My life sucks...

Ome: Life is like so totally super perfectly super duper awesome-like!
by Hobbes April 13, 2006
The number one in aztec language
ome ozomatli = one monkey
by Luckyer March 13, 2009
OH MY EVOLUTION. Similar in context as o.m.g., but this is the more accurate and progressive approach to describe a sudden emotional occurrence. First two words are the same, but evolution replaces god for obvious reasons.
Hey Chelsea, check out these tickets I just got us for the concert!
OME Arturo!! I thought it was sold out, I'm so excited now!
by ah24781 October 01, 2012
Korean slang for "Oh my eyes~"
Used after seeing a disturbing picture/sight.
"That's your girlfriend? OME!!"
by Hi:) April 20, 2008
OMG for atheists; Oh My Evolution.
OME, That is some good bacon!
OME, Have you seen Carla lately?
by TheViewerMarcus October 14, 2013
oh my elmo!!
"big bird just got shot!"
by cory the builderzz May 21, 2010

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