Acronym of Oh My Chad, a variation of oh my god, originating in the Disney channel series Sonny With a Chance. Commonly used by screaming fangirls.
Person 1: Do you like the movie Starstruck?

Person 2: OMC, it's amazing!
by thequeenofallruralsuburbia August 10, 2010
acronym standing for 'oh my crap'
"did you do that assignment for Bui yet?"
by Daniel November 26, 2004
Basically a replacement for OMG, but instead of god at the end I thought a more iconic figure:Charizard.
The meaning is can range from surprise to 'that's just awesome'.
Everybody I just won the lottery, OMC!
OMC, that guy just jumped off a bridge!
by HippoPenguin October 03, 2010
its like OMG but for cuties... or non-religious people..
Did you check out that boy? it was like totally OMC!
by emmzz September 05, 2010
An R and B group that started in otara, Auckland,New Zealand.Then moved on to the States.Paul Fueamana(bad spelling?)and co.His brother(Phil) just died Circa March 2005 rip.Best known for 'How Bizarre'.
Wow what ever happened to OMC?
by Thrushbeard March 09, 2005
Acronym for old married couple. Used to describe a young-ish (16-35 year old) couple that has a tendency to behave as if they've been married for 40 years.
Frances: We're going to the movies tonight.. do you wanna come? And what are Claire and Marc doing?
Katherine: I can come. I think they are staying home having quiet time.
Frances: My god, they are so OMC.
by Slly September 11, 2005
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