Stands for "old man cock"

Sometimes used to disguise actual meaning when the company around you would take offense to you saying "old man cock."

As in, you can't interact with a webcam (ie. on Chatroulette) without some old man cock popping up on the screen once in a while.
I like to start my day off with a bit of OMC.

You know who has the best OMC? Your dad.
by KCohen April 24, 2010
Well, its like OMG (Oh my God) But in this case. Oh My Cabbage.

Simple and less blasphemes :P
O.M.C that guy just took one to sack!!!

O.M.C check out the size of those....
by -Abe- December 05, 2008
oh my chicken.

used to express great awe or shock
Wife: I'm pregnant
Husband: omc
by CloneWarsFan May 15, 2010
for Call of duty players it is a replacement for OMG
~"I am gonna go play some MW2"
by ozbodozzy April 05, 2010
To hang out with friends for a short period of time, usually for 45 - 90 minutes.
It is looked at as a bad thing to do, not very proper.
"yo can you chill today"
"I dunno, if anything it will be an OMC"
by Schnitzeled May 20, 2009
oh my cow!!
OMC!! Did you just say semen???
by Hooke November 21, 2008
Acronym of Oh My Chad, a variation of oh my god, originating in the Disney channel series Sonny With a Chance. Commonly used by screaming fangirls.
Person 1: Do you like the movie Starstruck?

Person 2: OMC, it's amazing!
by thequeenofallruralsuburbia August 10, 2010

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