Favourite expression of 'Jacquouille la fripouille' in the french movie "The Visitors".
C'est okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !
by Marianne January 18, 2004
Something that people say on AIM when they think the last thing you said was really wierd, and not in an ok way. Like in a stop talking to me you creepnut sort of way.
hottchica69: This one time I ate the bubbles in my bubble bath!! rofl!
badassdude666: o...k...
by SeppukuKnife April 09, 2005
A sideways person.
OK --- is a boy.
QK --- is a girl.

nuff said.
by shank_n_bank April 26, 2011
An "^ok" related expression to be used if witness an aquard situation or if you see/hear of an particularly/ironically funny or peculiar event:

Not "okay" but "O-k" as in "O-kaaay". An interjection that if stressed and pronounced oddly, denotes the eidos or the situation´s singularity of the exposed object of attention, leaving some dubieties on your side about it.
An ordinary looking girl holding a frankfurter up while gapping her mouth after the heart-breaking story her new parents spill during a pic-nic. Then you can say "O-K"
by Sergepedia May 24, 2010
Sometimes, when a person is calling someone on the telephone, and announces their name, the other persons says, "OK", instead of "hi" or "nice to hear fom you", etc. OK, when used in this way, is always a very rude way of saying that they do not wish to talk with you, even though you had done nothing wrong to them. Terrible and rude.
Nice person calling a friend:

Sam "Hello Howard, this is Sam."
Howard "OK" (victimizing)
by Bellevue08 February 15, 2009
I'm not okay, I'm dying inside, but I'm not going to tell you because you don't give a shit, and it would make me feel even worse.
"I'm ok."
by Pfffft no November 29, 2014
When someone texts you "ok" it is a sign that you need to shut the fuck up.
Joe: "Dude it's mad annoying how you flirt with girls mad hard."
Jake: "ok."
by Eaglebro32 April 06, 2014

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