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an acronysm for "orgasm in your mouth," used to describe such delicious food that it's better than sex.
I had dinner at Cami's last night and her cooking is totally OIYM!
by CamiRae Walter April 14, 2013
Acronym for: Orgasm In Your Mouth. Usually used to describe a pleasing taste.
"Hey Zac, have you ever tried chocolate pie?"
Zac: "Oh my god yep it's like an OIYM"
by rockthisworld December 12, 2011
Orgasm In Your Mouth Steak
Cole took some steaks and put them in a lake of black shit then cooked them up good. OIYMS is making my mouth jizz everywhere and I think i might drown!
by nasty-macminnville February 15, 2011