Top Definition
Octopus I'd like to funk
Everyone is doing it!
by Aaron, "the shark" April 09, 2005
Oprah I'd Like to Fuck
that nigga lady from tv is such an oilf
by Jack Anon January 02, 2011
Acronym for Octogenarians I'd Like to Fuck
Woman in the eighth decade of life who are sexually attractive and alluring. These women are usually models and socialites who have aged exceptionally well. Examples: Carmen dell'Orefice, China Machedo, Elisabeth Himmer-Hirnigel.

"Check out that woman at the opera. She is such an OILF!"
by Jack NYC September 03, 2013
Oyster I'd Like to Fuck
That oyster is so creamy, what an OILF!
by Master Fruit August 23, 2006

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