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Overhead Press. A weight training exercise in which a weight is pressed straight upwards from the shoulders until it is locked out overhead.
tfw not aesthetic
tfw stalling on OHP
tfw life is in shambles
tfw need hoodie bcuz bulkan
tfw no gf
by Sad Cunt July 06, 2013
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Ohp is the sound made by one or more witnesses who experience serious tension-like an incredible jinx or thinking along the same lines-This is sometimes accompanied with the motion of cutting the air with your flat hand, as if to motion cutting the tension so thick its palpable
It is the sound made when awkwardness occurs, or major social taboos are mentioned
Jeff, guess who got raped on the weekend?

My grandmother was in auschwitz

Jim: Lets go get-
Jim and Terry at the same time: slurpees
.....Ohp (cutting the air)

Girl: You treat me like shit, i dont think we should see each other
Guy: yeah? well i cheated on you with your sister
Another guy watching the arguing couple: ohp
by MC butt.hammer August 08, 2009
Common phrased used to describe a very funny or embarrassing moment. It can also be used in place of "Ow". Unfortunately, once you start saying it, you won't be able to stop and everyone you are in contact with will say it.
Me: "Justin, your a loser"
Justin: "Ohp"

Me: "Excuse me, Mrs. (Teachers name) can i go to the bathroom?"
*Gets ignored*
Me: "Ohp!"

*Stubs foot on table*
Me: Ohp!

Me: "So you all are coming to my party right?"
*Blake over-hears*
Blake: "How come i didn't get invited?"
Me and friends: "Ohp!"
by Tyress April 15, 2011
Pronounced: o-pp
It's the verbal expression/reaction when one witnesses something random. Originally it was spelt 'opp', however the silent 'h' was added because it's trendy.
Person: Hey how was your weekend?
Other: Yeah it was good, I went to a nudist colony.
Person: OHP!

Person: I heard Will wants to become a model.
Other: Ohp much?
by T.L Milhilton August 19, 2007
An acronym for 'oh please', usually spoken in awe or awesome sarcasm.
A: "Dayum boy, that is some fine butter."
B: "Ohp, that shit is margarine."
by Bobby 0'Bobson April 29, 2011
A combination of "oh" and "opps". Often used when a person wants to get something, or is about to go get something but then comes to a realization about the item.
I hate going to Target, but no one else sells popcorn machines, ohp, Wal-Mart does, and they're cheaper.
by Leo Ascendent August 03, 2011
The Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Drive cars (and sometimes SUVs) with lots of antennas and flashing lights. The guys you DON'T want to see behind you on the highway, particularly when accompanied by red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror.
The OHP pulled me over for doing 75 on Interstate 35. What the heck? There were people passing me!
by southland September 12, 2013

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