This is an abbrevation of overly horny disfunction. This is used by tenngers when they get horny around girls. Usually occours when the girl has an attractive body.
Stephen got ohd when a hot girl walked past and suddenly became horny and sexually attracted to the girl.
by Ollykitchen October 19, 2014
Oh d, a common popular phrase utilized by several individual communities, especially common within African-American sectors. The roots of this booty phrase are thought to come from "oh damn" or more accurately "oh deeeeam." This phrase is highly reccomended.
"Oh d, Lakrontronis's ghetto booty is RUUULLLL NICE!!!!"
by dasbooty February 01, 2005
OHD is Organized Human Degradation.
People of OHD are on the opposing side of most issues that people of faith support. OHD people enjoy mocking people who believe in God.
by Dodagood September 06, 2009
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