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An alternative to saying "Oh my God" or "OMG"

It is abbreviated with O.M.W. like O.M.G

It also has nothing to do with being under the influence of marijuana!
Person 1: I went to .: :. and it is hilarious!
Person 2: OH MY WOW!!! That is funny! Those guys rock! OMW!
Person 3: Hoi Hoy!
by 6169686362656061626768296 May 14, 2009
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Used by those of stereotypical homosexual descent to describe a tone of shock.
Man 1: I cant wait to cum in your ass...
Man 2: OH MY WOW!
by Kevin Gilmour December 05, 2011
an expression of surprise when under the influence of marijuana.
Ty: "Let's go to Popeye's and get biscuits."
Brian: "Oh my wow!, its two hours away and its rush hour..."
by danshaman May 24, 2007

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