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Means the same as "oh no".
ogod, there's a pube in this Happy Meal.
by MadManWithAnAxe January 09, 2005
OGOD - Stands for Ocean Gang Or Drown. A music group created by the Rap artist Soulja Boy. SPLASH!
Soulja Boy: Nigga I'm on that OGOD type shit, fuck wit me. SPLASH!!!
by Based_Princess June 14, 2012
Adj. Acronym for Only Good On Drugs; May reffer to anything, consumed in any matter (e.g. food, film or TV, certain people's company etc.), that is only enjoyable under the influence of mind-altering substances.
"I used to LOVE that pizza place, but then I had a 3 week shwag-or-bust period and ate some of their stuff sober - OGOD, iykwim..."
by A Guy to the Matter April 22, 2009

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