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OGOB / O.G.O.B or OGOG / O.G.O.G ) Original Good Ol' Boy or Girl is someone chooses to live a rural lifestyle instead of an urban one; a person who prefers the old school over the new.

It is someone who still loves and identifies with things that more than often aren't accepted as "cool, popular, modern, practical, or politically correct" to most of society.

They are the folks who still believe in God, America, their unalienable rights, hard work, nonconformity, self-sufficiency, family values, helping others, staying true to themselves, accountability, protecting and providing for their own, preserving our heritage, being proud of who you are, being yourself, and passing on these ideals as well as their importance to the next generation
by GWL March 25, 2014
Stands for Our-Games-Our-Bond, referring to the website for gamers on all platforms, ourgamesourbond.com. For more information search ourgamesourbond on Google.
"Did you see what he posted on OGOB? It was awesome!"
by newtnewt1234 January 19, 2010