OG refering to Gangsta and Loc referning to the spanish word for crazy loco
ganster crazy
by Pro323 July 27, 2005
Top Definition
OG is a straight up gangsta from the Grove (compton), and he writes whack rhymes yo, he'll come up in the place with a gun in ya face, I believe he is made to represent whack rappers such as Ja Rule, Nelly, J-Kwon, and other soft ass pussy bitches who think they're hard
"Don't make me come in the place, wit a gun in my waist, OG! OG!"

"Gun on my waist, I'll punch you in the face"


"That ain't GANGSTA"
by Your father January 14, 2005
1. Character in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas who THINKS he is gangsta. Made to represent those rappers who act gangsta when they aint, and have crappy lines, but still become famous.

2. A name for losers who act gangsta, but are not.
1. "OG Loc is in the place! With a gun in yo face! ITS LOC BABY!"

"I'm Gaaaangsta!"

"I keep it real unlike you fake ass gangstas!"

2. "Fenner acts like he bad cause he has The Massacre, but in fact he aint nothing more then an OG Loc!"
by MC Mullet Man March 22, 2005
Black plastic framed sunglasses, popular with gang members. AKA "OG Locos". Ice Cube wore them in Boyz in the Hood (the movie) and countless videos.
He was wearing OG Locs so I couldn't even see his eyes.
by KnightOwl April 08, 2005
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