OFW is a very commonly used phrase. It means the lovly sarcastic phrase 'Oh fucking well!'
My freind Kevin recently said it to me over the net and I was awfuly confused. so I looked it up on the wonderfull Urban and couldnt seem to find it.
So there you go.
"You Have a suckey life? OFW!!!"
by Shadow101 August 09, 2007
common used as OH FUCK YEA but for those who cant spell the Y turns to a W and then after its exposed to the group somehow it never gets changed back to a Y but stays a W but still pronounced as YEA.
Jim with roommates: Hey Sarah, we are having a party at our place tonight are you coming?
Sarah:*says the letters* "OFW"
Jim:..? what?
Sarah: Oh Fuck Yea.. thats what that means
Jim: W? you mean Y?

Sarah: oh shit im dumb
Jim and roommates: uses OFW now instead whenever Sarah is around and it spreads to all their friends
by JimmyHindtrix April 06, 2011
Over fucking weight. Usually referring to a very fat person
Man did you see that chick she is OFW
by ez2dj October 08, 2007

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