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n. Acronym that stands for "old fat perverted asshole". A misogynistic older male who preys on women at least a decade younger. Insecure. Inconsiderate towards regular emotions of said younger woman. Cowardly, afraid of confrontation. Does not deliver. Will drag on half-assed commitment for months until the younger woman either realizes she is worth more, or he cuts off communication with younger woman upon her seeking the love that normal partners need from one another. A OFPA is well aware of his actions, but is too selfish to give a shit as long as he keeps getting the pussy and attention that he needs to rub his ego. Oafish and quick to anger, the OFPA can be found in Washington Heights unless he is still living with his mother. The term "OFPA" is a derived from the Korean word "oppa".
Don't sweat that stupid OFPA, he was just using you anyway.

Did you see that OFPA that Kelly was with!? What the fuck was she thinking, she is way out of his league.
by pineapplebuffalo November 07, 2013

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