OFN means, "Old Fucking News" meaning, GET WITH THE FUCKING TIMES!
"Hhahaha, did you see t his totally l33t flash?"

"OFN Loser by like a year."
by Kuriin August 17, 2004
Top Definition
Old Fucking News.
All your base? OFN!
by Jewsus January 20, 2003
OLD FUCKING NEWS; When somebody shares an image, link, video etc on the internet that has been viral for several years and they treat it like some new discovery.
"Hey check out this silly picture of a cat asking for a cheeseburger!"

"...OFN bro."
by m4d_m3l December 12, 2013
Optional Fun Night. The legendary initiation event held yearly on the 5th and 6th floors of Haida House in Totem Park Residence at the University of British Columbia. Boys are presented with a list of challenges including drinking 4 litres of milk in an hour (without throwing up), tolerating Rub A5-35 muscle cream on their scrotum for a short period of time, and shaving their head in a randomly-selected pattern. Each event is worth a set number of points to complete, and each boy is paired with a girl who is in charge of keeping track of his score throughout the night. At the end of the night, points are tallied and the boy with the highest score is presented with a prize, usually a "Texas mickey" of alcohol.
I haven't felt this sick since the day after OFN...
by DearAntarctica March 28, 2011
Out fucking nowhere, a place that cannot be found on a map.
Where does your grandma live? - I don't know, OFN.
by Adamned August 02, 2007
one fifty ninth street. a term designating the loosely formed collective on that block.
ofn. oh, this week ofn is playing down at the fields.
by JasonShmayson August 17, 2006
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