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Obsessive Compulsive Formatting
Obsessive Compulsive Flashing
Nath is OCF his smart phone. Because he likes to over complicate his phone experience.
by derroCUNT July 21, 2010
Ocean Classroom Foundation. Also known as operation cluster fuck, not only because clusterfuck is the favorite and common phrase used by one of the best captains but because of the complete clusterfuckness of the organization of the program. Its a sailing program based out of boothbay, ME. The highschool program is the best, it'll change your life completely. 4 months at sea are the best 2 1/2 months of your life. The first month and half you will hate your life, your trip, your crew, your shipmates, and yourself....but then the trip gets great, you actually learn how to sail, and you realize that the crew is fucking awesome.
"whats this clusterfuck going on up there on the bow?"
"why is there a clusterfuck of studentia taking place on the quarterdeck?"
"didn't you guys know...OCF really stands for operation cluster fuck."
by moutainbaby June 18, 2008
OLD CUNT FACE. This is a close kin to ODB (Old Douche Bag) but is also effective. Also applies but not limited to ex-wives, mother-in-laws, etc.
You tell that OCF to go to hell!
by Shaggy B July 20, 2006

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