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A disease dealing with one of several symptoms of both Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Premenstrual Syndrome, but usually much worse. It is mostly found in women, but a few rare cases in men have been documented. The only treatment is a backhand across the face, followed by the phrase "Go make me a sandwhich", or "Get back in the kitchen".

The symptoms include:
1)Bitching, usually a lot of it.
2)Jumping from two unrelated topics.
3)Mood Swings.
4)Being a complete and utter bitch.
5)Not being able to stop bitching without a distraction.
6)Whilst bitching, bitching about everything and everyone.
7)Whilst bitching, mentioning every single one of your short comings. No exceptions, she WILL mention everything you've done wrong in the past, as far as up to 3 years ago.
Guy 1:Brooke was being really bitchy about Nathaniel. Maybe she has OCDPMS?

Guy 2:Yeah, same with Sarah. She couldn't stop complaining about when I picked her up fifteen minutes late from her grandma's house.
by Horace P. McTitties. October 28, 2009
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