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Olympia Athletic club, a veritable hot bed of salacious lesions between young studly boys and the men who leach after them, weather they are on the training machines the free weights, strutting around in their trainers,shorts and the ever standard cut to the waist wife beater Tee,or for that matter no tee at all just showing abs De jour. on floor of the training room; the dressing area, the showers or the steam room and showers were males of like mind will catch well developed young man or he extremely well developed older male...the object to "set the night on fire", possibly once or a more permanent footing if the individuals agree, like FB or FWB

Located in the city of Olympia, capitol of the state of Washington given over polititcians and the boys they fondle from PLU/ and Evergreen Collages.
Lots of the young and not so young Athletes use the OAC as a place for meeting as well as working out in more then one of the way "Ian and Matt had a great work out on the steppers and in the shower. Thought the shower was the harder work out with all the cute booty hang out and getting grabbed!
by nw_irish October 18, 2010
Over Achieving Cherry- A undeployed, or one that has not been in combat. They are dick suckers that look to impress the higher ranks by going over and beyond during any and everything they do. Also they tend on being motivated nerds.
Pvt Patton and Pvt Bovee used to follow the lifestyles of being shammer's, but decided that sucking dick would be a fun way of earning the rank of Spc fast. After getting pinned both of these nerds starting to act motivated and gay by trying to be Army "leaders". The smell of both maple logs and gay was prominent among them both. "is that home depot I'm smelling?" said Pfc Avocado. "no dude, that's just those fucking Oacs over there."
by Shammer February 27, 2012
Outta Control, generally describes young, loose women that have no qualms about making out with almost anybody.
I wish i was his age, the chicks are O.A.C man! you'd be rolling in pussy!
by CooNDoGG98 June 24, 2005
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