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A person with the same characteristics as a dork or nerd, but worse because they exemplify their lack of common sense in their actions. They are such a dork to the point they should just where a sign on their back. A nyngy also has the physical appearance of a dufas. Many times a dufas does not look like a dork or nerd, they're just real stupid. In summary, a nyngy is a dufas looking nerd, but sometimes exceptions can be made appearance wise if their dominating actions specifically characterize as something a dumb looking nerd would normally do.
A person driving in the fast lane in his brand new Volvo, Saab, luxury mini-van or any other nerd mobile who doesn't look smart enough to make the money to own that type of vehicle would be a nyngy.

A half retarded looking person of high social status is a nyngy.
by Yureytardead June 13, 2009

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