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A chick with a dudes sex drive.
Betty White is a real Nymphomaniac
by June 02, 2012
53 19
Hypersexuality: a female whose sex drive is obsessively high. Considered a mental illness, coloqiually means a horny girl. Not to be confused with slut or skank where one's sexual dignity is pathetically low, nymphomania is simply related to an abnormally high sex drive.
Jen fucked me 20 times yesterday, def a nymphomaniac, im tired, she needs tranquilisers
by hubristic confused recluse July 28, 2005
2198 594
Person addicted to sex; mostly girls, cant get enough sex
Damn, megan wants it all the time. Shes such a nymphmaniac!
by nunya December 24, 2002
987 523
mainly females; never satisfied even after the greatest shag marrathon ever they are still gagging for it.
man: goodnight baby that was so good
nympho: excuse me? goodnight? wtf happened to round two?
by kelly January 07, 2005
890 496
hypersexual young lady.
Dude! I heard Jess was a nymphomaniac!
Yes, now calm your nipples.
by Nick Likes Apple Pie April 25, 2007
171 119
obession with sex; has to have it at all times.
I told my physchaitrist I was cheating with three different men and couldn't stop. She told me, I may be a nymphomaniac or for short a nypho.
by doodoo February 15, 2005
395 349
The kind of girl a real man wants because she actually likes sex and is good at it.
Tina rides so good because she's such a nymphomaniac
by lazyjay February 22, 2005
570 528