Nya is simply japanese for meow, while also being fun to use in sentences at random.
Chelsea: Nya Nya~
Sarah: Meow Meow, lol I know what that means!!! ^__^
#nya #meow #cat #japanese #random
by Shii-chan December 29, 2008
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Suffix added to the end of sentences uttered by a cat/human-cat in Japanese culture. (mostly anime)

Also see kero.
"I'm a cat-nya!"
"Hi! My name's Mireiyu-nya!"
"I can smell the rarity-nya!"
"I've gotta' stop quoting .hack//DUSK-nya..."
a sweet and friendly girl that is very talented. She's loyal and gorgeous and is a great friend. she loves to laugh and make other people smile
Do you want to go out sometime, Nya?
#name #nya #friend #pretty #fun
by shout out the pears April 18, 2015
A player through and through. Fun-loving. A jokester. Soft on the eyes. Goofy and sometimes a dork! He be cool!
You will never have a boring day with a Nyas.
Nyas is someone who keeps you on your toes!
Where there is a poker game, there is a Nyas.
#player #cutie-pie #nice-ass #nitro #shaka
by Butter Buns February 07, 2010
She is the nicest most sweetest girl you will ever meet she is popular and sporty she beats the boys at football she loves animals her parents love her she is the only girl and she has 2 brothers that are annoying and she is hot and sexy she is loal to her friends and everyone wants to be her friend
Nya is awesome and loyal to her friends she makes everone smile she is great to be around
by Awesome/sporty/popular March 07, 2016
Nya:A very hot cocky girl,that everyone loves but doesn't want to admit it.
She's so fresh so clean,she's a Nya.
by Nya May 10, 2005
Nya is a word they use in Tokyo Mew Mew. You can use it when your happy or sad. If you get excited you could say it. Some people say it instead of hello. Others use it a question. If something makes you jump you could say it as a reaction. Some say it out of habit.
person walks up to their friends. "Nya."

#nya #happy #sad #emotion #question
by Tinkerbell10121 August 18, 2008
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