Something you want to say to annoy people or make fun of chinese people.
Example 1:
"What Up Rose?"
"Oh nutt-!"

Example 2:
*Walking Passed a Chinese Woman*
"Shut Up You Fool Ching Chong Boing"
by bLaZe January 18, 2005
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Suffix added to the end of sentences uttered by a cat/human-cat in Japanese culture. (mostly anime)

Also see kero.
"I'm a cat-nya!"
"Hi! My name's Mireiyu-nya!"
"I can smell the rarity-nya!"
"I've gotta' stop quoting .hack//DUSK-nya..."
Nya is simply japanese for meow, while also being fun to use in sentences at random.
Chelsea: Nya Nya~
Sarah: Meow Meow, lol I know what that means!!! ^__^
by Shii-chan December 29, 2008
A player through and through. Fun-loving. A jokester. Soft on the eyes. Goofy and sometimes a dork! He be cool!
You will never have a boring day with a Nyas.
Nyas is someone who keeps you on your toes!
Where there is a poker game, there is a Nyas.
by Butter Buns February 07, 2010
Nya:A very hot cocky girl,that everyone loves but doesn't want to admit it.
She's so fresh so clean,she's a Nya.
by Nya May 10, 2005
Nya is a word they use in Tokyo Mew Mew. You can use it when your happy or sad. If you get excited you could say it. Some people say it instead of hello. Others use it a question. If something makes you jump you could say it as a reaction. Some say it out of habit.
person walks up to their friends. "Nya."

by Tinkerbell10121 August 18, 2008
A cliquey (and dead) chatroom that once existed on AOL. Filled with randoms, but also with a group of people that knew eachother by name, sometimes even met... And sometimes even more. Newbies hated it there, people lied a lot, and hearts were AO-shattered.
From one NYA to another "Anyone good in NYA?" or, "What's with all the randoms crowding NYA?"
by Someone April 05, 2005
something you say when you're trying to think of the word to use but you can't think of it at the time.
That's so... sooo... nyaa!! I can't think of the word right now, but you get what I fuckin' mean right?
by Master Chief April 17, 2004

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