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The combination of your dick and nuts.
She was so craving my nutty bar. Or: I would definately give her my nutty bar.
by Frank Beemer December 13, 2007
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Nuting (ejaculating) on someone's belly botton
yo nigga i just gave dat bitch a nutty bar
by wannacosmicbnigga July 09, 2011
The sexual act occurring on a beach or other sandy venue in which the male pulls out of the twat, dips his wang in the sand, and shoves it back in. Also known as a nut roll.
I really hated it when my boyfriend gave me a nutty bar; I couldn't have sex for a week afterward!
by Clair May 11, 2005
Slang for a log of shit.
I squatted over Wanda's chest and pressed a massive nutty bar along the axis of symmetry of her body.
by Joaquim July 31, 2005

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