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A puddle formed by seepage after sex.
You need to clean up your nuttle on my sheets so I don't roll over into it.
by Jamer 2000 June 21, 2009
4 0
To nut, or ejaculate, a little bit.
Billy: "Yo! Did you get to fuck that girl the other night?"

Sam: "Nah dude, only a nuttle. Her parents came home so we I had to peace!"
by raabhimself93 May 20, 2010
3 0
Referring to a person who is acting insane, crazy, or nuts
Ely wants to play with Cally's hair, he's freaking nuttles.
by alyandbri July 18, 2010
2 0
The area of skin that attaches the nut sack to the leg.
Hey Wife, I've got an itch. Can you scratch my nuttle?
by FerN76 June 13, 2010
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