Creatively showing a person or a group of people one's testicles and/or penis.
Friend 1: Hey let's go nutting!
Friend 2: Yeah, we can get my little brother and his friends.
Friend 1: That's a good idea. We can have someone call them to meet them somewhere and we will be their waiting.
Friend 2: That's when we will pull down our pants and nut them.
Friend 1: This will be sweet!
by CD Playa March 28, 2006
NUTTING \ NUH-ting \ adjective;

The act of passing out whilst trying to formulate a response to basic conversation.
"Dude, I asked him what he did on the weekend and he sat there for 2 full minutes before he pulled a Nutting!"
by Ohaithere November 05, 2008

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