Crazy, psycho, or otherwise off your rocker. Usually over some dude who totally isn't worth it.
I had one too many car bombs last night and am pretty sure I left Chas some crazy, rambling voicemail message about the demise of our relationship - now he probably thinks I'm totally nutter butters.
by kittykittybangbang March 10, 2010
Top Definition
when two homos shave their balls, each take a pat of "Land o' Lakes" butter, melt em down then smear it on their balls, then rub balls with each other.
"Yo I thought Nathan and Jimmy were two straight up dimoldenburgs until I walked in on them doin a nutterbutter...
by cMoney grip January 22, 2009
The equivalent of Swamp Ass on your balls. In other words, it's when your junk is really sweaty.
Dave: Dude, there is a battle going on.

Tony: What?
Dave: Bro, it's Nutter Butter vs. Swamp Ass over the Taint Dome.
by Trombone73 July 02, 2016
Nothing is good, but her face. When a fat chick has a pretty face. The opposite of a butterface.
Adele and Jessica Simpson are such nutterbutters.
by FatBlackPussyCat December 23, 2012
Mistakingly thought of as a delectible cookie, it is actually the nasty goop aquired beneath a man's penis and between his nut sack.
Randy scraped off his nutterbutter and spread it upon a piece of bread for his unsuspecting bitch mom to eat.
by cuntpunter69 February 22, 2008
The process of sticking peanut butter on your dick and inside a girl's asshole, fucking her in the ass. After you cum, you eat all of the peanut butter out of her asshole.

(Also referred to as P.B. & A)
Did you hear Roger likes to nutter butter on Swilly?
by Tyler Jean January 21, 2011
the act of using peanut butter as a lube in anal sex.
"Choosy moms choose JIF" when they want a NutterButter
by Dansen March 03, 2010
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