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when one rubs peanut-butter on their ass and has someone, or something lick it, while they masturbate.

somewhat like a rimjob
"Hey, drew skipped school..i wonder what hes doing right now."
"Idk dude, probably getting a nutter-butter from his dog."
by fems May 30, 2007
5 19
when two homos shave their balls, each take a pat of "Land o' Lakes" butter, melt em down then smear it on their balls, then rub balls with each other.
"Yo I thought Nathan and Jimmy were two straight up dimoldenburgs until I walked in on them doin a nutterbutter...
by cMoney grip January 22, 2009
829 126
Mistakingly thought of as a delectible cookie, it is actually the nasty goop aquired beneath a man's penis and between his nut sack.
Randy scraped off his nutterbutter and spread it upon a piece of bread for his unsuspecting bitch mom to eat.
by cuntpunter69 February 22, 2008
67 50
1) A nickname given to only the extremely intellegent, sexy, cool, and person that is better than you
2) A compliment.
3) A cookie.
1) Yo Nutter Butter! Lure that hot girl over here, then figure out string theory.
2) He's so suave, what a Nutter Butter.
3) Mmm, I LOVE Nutter Butters.
by Urban Dictionary May 21, 2005
87 71
Nothing is good, but her face. When a fat chick has a pretty face. The opposite of a butterface.
Adele and Jessica Simpson are such nutterbutters.
by FatBlackPussyCat December 23, 2012
14 3
The process of sticking peanut butter on your dick and inside a girl's asshole, fucking her in the ass. After you cum, you eat all of the peanut butter out of her asshole.

(Also referred to as P.B. & A)
Did you hear Roger likes to nutter butter on Swilly?
by Tyler Jean January 21, 2011
33 26
When you reach and grab the sweat off the space between your ballsack and asshole then slap someone in the face.
Vargas got me mad so I hit him with a nutter butter.
by Andrew Montemayor September 19, 2007
61 55
A light skinned person of brown skinned heritage. They're "nutter butters" because they're brown on the inside, but cracker on the outside.
My secretary is Hispanic, but she's a nutter butter.
by Evelyn Gray December 11, 2009
20 15