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A word I made up to describe someone who is acting dumb, corny, retarded, gay, etc...

Nutt-Butt= gettin it up the butt

therefore someone who is a nutt-butt acts dumb/corny as hell as if they've been gettin it up the butt...

"How in da hell you trip UP the steps? Sit yo nutt-butt ass down somewhere"

"He's switchin a lil too hard, you know he's a nutt-butt"

"This old ass nutt-butt shouldn't be out here drivin"

"Yall nutt-butts is too hype and it is too early in the morning for dat"
by MzTasia February 26, 2007

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When a man inserts his nuts into a female's butt.
Yo gurl, Lemmie get dat NuttButt
by DerkieRayRay July 18, 2014