Top Definition
OR NUTTY or nuts
means good or bare buff or hard in fights
that boy ye he banged john the other night hes bare nutty
that girls top is the shizzle ye init its nutrageous
OMG that boy is bare buff init hes propa nuts
by max richards January 21, 2006
An item of food containing an outrageous amount of peanut or nut products
Jesus man, this peanut butter is nutrageous
by peegan July 10, 2005
when your feeling extra horny and you just can't take it. You need to get your piece, fast.
O boy, im definately looking for a bitch tonight. Wheres the biggest slut at this party, because I am nutrageous
by CHUCK45 October 12, 2005
All male orgy
Guy#1:Dude, you going to that nutrageous tonight?

Guy#2:Don't be gay...
by Vii2Vii July 26, 2008
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