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It's location is a man's crotcheral region. It is that tender lil ball inside a man's ball sac. "Play with them as you will but please, please be gentle!
"Rodney screamed in horror as Jenny sank her pearly teeth into his sac, causing his nutball to rupture...and bleed!"

So if you are one to indulge in ball lovin'. Take heed, lips and tongues only, no teeth.
by thmsmcgr February 25, 2009
15 17
A person of extreme (nutty) beliefs. A zealot who wishes to force others to accept their fringe belief system. Usually reserved for persons of right wing (conservative) persuasion. A nutball is so sure they are right, they may do physical harm to anyone who disagrees with them.
"That nutball is trying to get evolution out of our school." Some common nutball types are: bomb-packing terrorists, christian evangelists, creationists, way-right republicans, war-mongers, hate-mongers, white supremacists, nazis, extremests.
by pix pix June 02, 2007
38 43
someone about 5 minutes from being completely insane;
anyone who does crazy stuff or says crazy things for no apparent reason
Did you see what she did? What a nutball!
by MonayLove October 14, 2003
26 35
Nutball is a word which does not seem like a real word, all while sounding right in a weird kind of way. It can surprisingly be found in the movie, "The Forgotten". It is used to describe a totally crazy individual such as Joanna.
"Stop acting like a cow you NUTBALL!"
by Daniel Rigdon December 07, 2004
17 40
an object which represents the start of a task
i'm gonna be a millionaire once i get this damn nut ball moving
by derek yip April 26, 2004
5 42